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Our School

Our School

Here at Combs Traditional Academy, we focus on a curriculum-centered approach to learning. We provide a rigorous accelerated learning environment and have high expectations for academic achievement and student behavior. We limit classroom interruptions in order to ensure the most time-on-task for our students, which allows them to focus on learning core material.

The Pledge of AllegianceCitizenship and patriotism is an integral part of who we are. The pledge of allegiance is recited each morning school-wide, and students gather around the flagpole for flag ceremonies to recognize national holidays such as Veteran's Day, President's Day, and Remembrance Day. Our school colors reflect our patriotism, and students are encouraged to participate in community service and civics-related projects.

Our Goals
  • Provide a strong academic focus for all students to excel
  • Ensure a safe, secure, and caring environment for all
    Establish a partnership between home and school using consistent communication
  • Develop students of character who are respectful, self-disciplined, conscientious, and self-motivated

Our Curriculum
  • Spalding Language Arts
  • Saxon Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Character Education
  • General Music
  • Library
  • Physical Education
  • Technology

At Combs Traditional Academy, the instructional pace and specific expectations for academic achievement, behavior, and dress require a commitment from every parent, student, and staff member. We have the highest expectations of our students, and we know that each child will rise to the occasion and meet those expectations.

Here on campus we use a phonics-based Spalding program. The Writing Road to Reading, is the basis of the Combs Traditional Academy language arts curriculum. Saxon Math provides a balanced mathematics curriculum with manipulatives and guided instruction. We also employ highly qualified teachers who are masters at their craft.